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Available Recovered Textiles

The textiles described below have been recovered, redesigned, or recycled into new fabrics available for brands and designers to incorporate into new products. All fabrics are coming from California generators and/or are made by California sourced fibers. Each fabric is unique with limited supply coming from the

textile recovery pilot projects lead by CPSC. Please contact the brand, designer, or CPSC directly for questions or more information. 

 To reserve and purchase, please email

Needlepunched smartwool shoddy from MR_e

Recycled Textile Needle Punch

Innovative needlepunch fabric made by Lunalabs using 100% textile waste. For more details on available specifications, please read the handout. 

Image by Anastasia Zhenina

Lani's Lana

Fine wool yarn cones and fabric for climate conscious fiber artists and commercial artisans.


Polyester Sports Jersey 

100% Polyester, Colors vary. Generating 6 bales every two weeks.

Image by Vishal Banik

ECONYL Regenerated Nylon

Recycled nylons, turning waste into garments

Fabric Detail

More Fabrics to Come

More Fabrics to Come.

Image by Paul Hanaoka

Naia Recycled Polyester

Naia cellulosic fibers, creating sustainable textiles 

Textile Pilot Project Partners


California Product Stewardship Council

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Los Angeles Sanitation


Homeboy Threads

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